Activities: Excursions

Students can participate in a program of activities and excursions during non-class time. The objective of this program is to provide students with more extensive knowledge of Spain, its culture, art, and history.


Alcázar de Segovia

This program includes:

  • El Escorial: The monastery built by Philip II in the 16th century.
  • Aranjuez: The spring palace of the Spanish royalty.
  • Chinchón: One of the most typical Castilian towns.
  • Segovia: A city with a Roman aqueduct, a castle and a cathedral.
  • La Granja: The summer palace of the Spanish royalty.
  • El Pardo: The Royal Palace, former residence of Franco.
  • Manzanares El Real: A Romantic castle in the mountains.
  • Toledo: The seat of the Spanish court during the reign of Charles V. We'll visit the cathedral, the Santo Tomé Church, El Greco's house, San Juan de los Reyes and two medieval synagogues.
  • Ávila: A Romanesque walled city. We'll visit the Plaza Mayor and some churches, and take a walk to experience the atmosphere within the walls.

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