Fees: Other fees and options

Here you will find the rates for all available options.

Medical insurance

Students from the European Union don't need private medical insurance during their stay in Spain. They must contact the Social Security Administration in their country and ask for form E-111. With this document their medical insurance is covered in Spain.

Students from countries out of the European Union should get private medical insurance for the time of their stay. We offer medical insurance through our school. The price is 50 euros per month.

Cancellation insurance

If you want to be sure that your money will be returned in case you decide to cancel the course before the final date stated in your application form, we offer cancellation insurance of 5% more than the total price.

Adminstratives charges

registration* 40 €
Certificate, tenancy agreement, certificate to receive the visa 0 €
Final certificate 0 €
Certificate for presence 0 €
Certificate for use 0 €
Certificates posteriors 10 €
Duplicates of certificates 10 €
*This charge is payed only once. If the student repeat a course, he has not to pay the charge again.

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