Ddfluor, All services of transportation and storage of these products comply with the international standards required in this matter (IMO, ADR, RID, etc.). Dry fluorspar producer Fluxing agent. Raw material in the manufacturing of chemical products. Additive for abrasives. Frites for enamels, etc. Derivados del Flúor (DDF) is the European leader in the field of manufacturing and distribution of inorganic fluorochemicals, due to its capacity, know-how and expertise.

Metra MH - CNC Lathes, Multi spindle lathe More than 30 years building MULTI SPINDLE MACHINES, CNC AUTOMATIC LATHES, SCREW MACHINES, and CNC MULTISPINDLE LATHES 10 years building multi spindles machines, CNC automatic lathes, crew machines, and CNC multispindle lathes! We are aware about the daily matters of manufacturing and machining because we started as machininsts. We integrate to the end users of the multispindle lathe, to the quality and production programing staff, with the objective of fulfilling your productivity targets.

Gruber Hermanos, We have more than 100 years of experience in the construction of equipment for all kind of industries, including chemical and petro-chemical plants, power generation, paper, glass and many others. Centrifugal blower n this laboratory we test all our designs, getting a range of fans whose static efficiencies are up to the 90 %. Following the standard ISO 5801. Gruber Hermanos, , S. A. has been long time the ventilation company leader in our country and is now expanding this role worldwide. The lengthy list of references we have for each sector confirms and supports our extensive professional experience.