Erasmus+ Programme

The European Union has developed a mobility programme to encourage training and collaboration between educational institutions in all the countries that make up the European Union.

There is a range of programmes for individual students and for organisations. You can find all the information at KA1 Mobility. You will see that these programmes are designed for people of all levels and from all educational backgrounds. They can be high school students, vocational training students, university students, or adult education students.

Who takes Spanish courses with Erasmus+ funding?

  • Directors / Heads of Studies in educational organisations
  • Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE) abroad
  • Teachers of other subjects who teach their subject in Spanish
  • Administrative staff of educational organisations
  • Recent graduates and undergraduate university students

What are the most sought-after courses through Erasmus+ funding?

Candidates must apply for a grant covering up to 80% of travel, accommodation, and course costs. This grant must be applied for through your school as they must fill out and sign some documents.

Our school can offer the following courses:


Who can apply?

Any person (director, head of studies, administrative staff, teacher or student) who is part of an educational institution can apply for this scholarship

Can I apply for the scholarship on my own?

No. As mentioned above, you need to be part of an educational institution in order to apply for the scholarship.

How do I apply for an Erasmus+ programme?

You should talk to the mobility coordinator at your educational institution to find out what they can offer you. When your school approves your application, you need to fill out the application form for Erasmus+ funds.

You will need to fill out the documents that your school will give you. Once approved, an agreement between you, your school, and the EUREKA school must be signed.

What information from EUREKA should you include in the document?

Your school should contact EUREKA. School of Spanish Language S.L.

EUREKA's Erasmus+ contact details are as follows:

PIC: 940701442

ID: E10166105

What documents do I have to submit?

There are normally two documents to submit:

  • Your school has to apply for the grant to the Erasmus+ agency in your country. This document will to be filled out by you and your school.
  • The Academic agreement will be filled out three phases (before mobility, during, and after mobility). This document will be signed by you, your school, and EUREKA.

When will I receive the grant payment?

Normally you receive the grant during the course or at the end of the course. You have to pay in advance until the Erasmus+ agency pays you the amount of the grant.

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