Online Course

Online spanish classes

The courses are designed for those who want to learn or improve their level of Spanish from their home, since all you need is Internet connection and to install Skype to attend the classes.

They are individual classes in which you decide the Spanish program that you want and our professors design depending on your interests. We also offer the possibility of booking lessons via Skype within a flexible schedule that suits your needs. 


Online spanish courses

Characteristics of the online Spanish course:

  • You can decide the number of classes you want.
  • Every online Spanish class lasts 50 minutes.
  • You can schedule your classes from Monday to Saturday from 09:00h – 20:00h (Spanish time) See different time zones.
  • Levels go from the beginner level to advanced level.
  • Classes are recommended for all ages.

Prices of the lessons:

1 Lesson 25 €
10 Lessons 230€ (23€/lec.)
20 Lessons 420€ (21€/lec.)

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