Starting dates

The school is open year round and closes only on national holidays.


National Holidays in 2020

  • January 1st and 6th

  • April 9th and 10th
  • Students

    May 1st and 15th

  • October 12nd

  • November 1st and 9th

  • December 7th, 8th and 25th

If the student attends classes for only 2 weeks, these holidays will be compensated for extra hours of class.

*The list of National Holidays can be changed due to official law requirements, therefore new dates may be added after this publication.

Starting Dates 2020

Students with some knowledge of Spanish may begin any Monday.

The beginning dates of courses for beginners are the following ones:

  • January 7th and 20th
  • February 3rd, 17th

  • March 2nd, 16th and 30th


  • April 20th

  • May 8th and 18th

  • June 1st and 15th

  • July 6th and 20th

  • August 3rd and 17th

  • September 7th and 21st

  • October 5th and 19th

  • November 3rd and 16th

  • December 14th

All students with prior knowledge of Spanish must take an oral and written test in order to be placed at the appropriate level.

Another test is offered at the completion of each course to qualify students for a certificate based on their level of achievement.